When I was 4

When I was 4 years old, I was asked that question. You know, "what do you want to be when you grow up". I answered this question not with a title such as doctor or a teacher. I answered with a plan. (this is a story my mother used to tell often, perhaps she has memory loss) I said (in 4 year old vocab) that I wanted a place, where people can bring their extra food and people without food could come and get it. Even at the tender age of 4 I understood hunger, pain, suffering, and poverty.

I am thankful for the tough times in my upbringing, the times of poverty, eating noodles with oil and a lil bit of spices because payday was days away. Red meat only every other week. I get it. I understand suffering. Perhaps this is why I am so patient, almost to a fault, with people. Because I empathise with their plight, whatever it may be. I am thankful for the embarassment of having mom run me into the store with the paper food stamps to buy milk and bread. It didnt embarass me, but, it must have her or she would have gone in herself.

Even now, with all that is on my plate. I understand, even the other side. The fear. Of losing everything. But, it doesnt mean, I will not get what is mine. I may understand, I may empathize but I will not let up.

Just a lil memory I had sitting here in Panera. I have ALWAYS loved people, wanted to help people, in any way I could. For anyone that is still calling themselves my family to say that I have "changed" is ludicrous. I am older, wiser, and have the ability to affect change, and act on my convictions, unlike when I was 4, wishing, fruitlessly, I could do something to help feed the hungry.

I solemnly swear, I will always stand for those that have suffered injustice, no matter where it may be. I will act, in a peaceful manner to right wrongs, feed the poor, help friends and strangers alike, in need.

Love and light to you all.......

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