Righteous Anger

I often hear, in the active community, and outsiders, speak in terms, of liberty and freedom being taken away.

God gave you natural rights, that no man can take from another, dignity, speech, ideas, movement above all else, choice. You were blessed with, choice.

These things cannot be taken, only given away, by your choice of consent.

STOP, think, make a choice.

Your giving away these things, is responsible for the lost potential of all of humanity.

Care about the self actualization of a stranger.! About that of yourselves, your children.

We were not born the same, the creator loved diversity. That much is obvious.

When you consent, without a fight, take responsability. Realize, you alone are responsible for a bit of the beauty, not seeing the sun.

We all have choices to make. Gonna fight now, or at least question? Come on thats not so hard. Especially when we all start doing it. The outcasts should be the ones that are silent, not the ones that speak for the rest of you that refuse to.

I had every intention of staying up all night, until this random inspiration was done and ready for the cleaners.

The disappointment that sinks my heart makes it hard to know where to begin.

How can people have so little faith in each other? How do they not know that giving up what GOD gave them even in the smallest ways, is the gravest of sins.

How do they not accept people as they are, people are just people, man. Stop trying to make us all the same. We are not.

some are screaming, some crying, some yelling, some just keeping it in, letting the sickness of the society they live in reside in their hearts.

They forget the person, that they just knew they would be, when they grew up.

Then having the audacity to accept that their dreams dont matter. Accepting that, well, this is how one lives, eats, dresses etc to fit into society.

People have forgotten they have dignity, that they have individuality. And in forgetting that about themselves, they have certainly forgotten to honor the unique beauty of each other.

Lets set aside our differences, because thats all they are. Lets honor one another and our talents our aspirations. We all just want to be our authentic selves. Even you conservatives do, your just afraid people will call you crazy for it. Ya know what F' em! Be you. And let others be them.

NO MORE EXCUSES! Be free. in mind. body. soul. happily watch other free people. your discomfort with their freedom, is not their problem.

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