Life as I SEE it

Life doesnt need to include the perfect mate

Its about being you, not pretending to be someone else, in order to gain acceptance

To be fulfilled, whatever that is to you.

To have relationships that deepen your knowledge and understanding of yourself

To laugh, at the raunchy things, the nerdy things, the absurd

To cry over the tragedy, the pain of others

To smile for others triumphs

To kiss boo-boos, say sorry when its warranted and accept apologies when they are authentic

To meet friends, drink coffee, talk life, talk politics, talk universe

To expand your mind, beyond the stars

To love, to see beauty in the little things, the things others just ignore

To listen to laughs of little children and join them in the belly bounce

To SEE. to me that is life. TO SEE

Are You a Coward?

There are those days, that happen quite often

when your intelligent friends post amazing, and thought-provoking quotes.

I am honored to be graced by so much intellectual brilliance. Today was an exceptional day.

The first of these was posted, by the most respected Lawrence Reed, whom I recieve great reminders and inspiration from every day. It reads:

"Moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as dangerous to this country as irresponsible talk. The right way is not always the popular and easy way. Standing for right when it is unpopular is a true test of moral character" — the late Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith.

I find this quote so touching today, as I see many mainstream americans standing and speaking. That, gives me hope.

Then, there was this quote, (if its yours please let me know, the words struck me though) "When I die, I want to be able to face my God and tell him that I used ALL of the talent he blessed me with, I exhausted it, I wasted not a drop"

This touching quote led me to pledge to all of humanity to die knowing I used every bit, of my talent, my skills, and my resources, to leave humanity better than I was born into it.

And certainly not least, this poignant Robert Frost quote, given by Jim Davidson

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

I believe the promises Robert Frost is talking about are the promises, to himself. To share himself and his brilliance with the world, unapologetically, and use every bit of his talent.

Let us all be so brave.

These three very wise, fitting and well timed reminders, from those that went before us carry much weight of wisdom. They have been sitting on my soul. For a divine(or whatever you want to call your higher self) reason I am sure of it. I admire my friends who speak out, ask the right questions, take on the court system in order to show the foolishness of it all. Write books teaching others, how to disengage, and blatantly point out in laymans terms what is happening to us as a people. People behind the scenes. All of you! A great awakening is needed, and happening, ready or not; and I am finally ready to take it to the next level. I trust this community. Sure, there are silly fights and what nots. But I trust you all to have my back, when I stand up. I certainly have yours.


In Peace Freedom Liberty and Love

Rabbit Hole Rescue, and other random Hoppy Thoughts!

Disclaimer: Hoppy as in jumpy, like a rabbit, not, hoppy as in beer. :)

After I posted about hitting the rabbit hole tonight, and apologizing before hand, then I asked if anyone wanted to join me. (You all know what I am talking about. its lonely in there) BAM! It hit me. Einstein said something about the fact that he wasnt so much more brilliant, but, that he sat with problems longer. Anyway, you get the drift, this is what Anthony writes back to me:

"I would join you but alas each of us has our own rabbit hole. I can't join you in yours but you can always share with us later what you find be it beautiful or frightening. That for me is usually reason enough to dive back in. There is always something else that needs to be unforgotten." I said something about "near perfection"

"There is always something else that needs to be Unforgotten", Anthony says.

So here I am sharing things I think should be Unforgotten. Things like unity against anything that seeks to control or infringe on a single persons God Given rights, if they have not agressed upon any person.

1. Imagine for a moment, that you are in a football stadium. Before the game, the brave singer, gives their rendition of our century old anthem. What if instead of looking at a flag with our hands on our hearts, we turn to each other, hearts covered with one hand, the other over the shoulder of your neighbor

Our country is NOT a flag.

Our country is each other. In a way, we belong to each other. The same people essentially own us all.

What if we said "peace brother" "peace sister" "be blessed"? What if these were the words we used to express love of countrymen and country? What if this was how we remembered we are many and they are few? That we love our country and each other enough to fight for what was always, naturally ours, Freedom and Liberty. In the moment the anthem started to play we actually showed each other, with our hands on our hearts, that we would do whatever we could to retain these things not only for ourselves. but each other, instead of an inanimate object. Showed a dedication to countrymen, not "country".

No matter color, no matter style, no matter anything. We would always stand together in that fight. We are all in this together. We can actually win this way, ya know? You just have to realize, and believe there is something to be lost, forever, if we don't unforget.

Wouldn't it be great though, to experience so much actual love, and the first real patriotism any of us has known.... I imagine it would.

As pretty of a picture that this is. Much cleaning up needs to take place. The blood from the streets must be washed clean and never replaced. Aggression must NEVER be tolerated, and dealt with in communities, in ways that each area sees fit. A common ground must be found. Our God given rights of Freedom and Liberty are a damn good place to start.

I am not sure about you, but the bloody footprints down the halls of every building are building up. Its gross. We treat each other grossly. Behavior such as young children with terrible parents, that grew up with over bearing, over controlling parents, generations of complete mess, and here we sit. Afraid of our neighbors, because they are the spies now (literally, we are told as adults to rat on eachother like little babes) thats disgusting.

As Bill Hicks so eloquently put it:

“Here is my final point. About drugs, about alcohol, about pornography and smoking and everything else. What business is it of yours what I do,read, buy, see, say, think, who I fuck, what I take into my body as long as I do not harm another human being on this planet?”~ Bill Hicks

Currently you are told to tell on your neighbors, for all of these things. In some cities you cant even smoke in the open air anymore. These laws are new and Bill Hicks R.I.P said these things before 2002. Do you think that what we read and buy will get censored more? I have no doubt. Bills on the senate floor about filtering and regulating the Internet. We wee ones are talking to much. To much chatter, not enough TV watching going on. Eh, Well, write your senator if you still thinks it does any good.

My day seemed to have some appropriate postings in a linear order.

‎"Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly" -- Thomas Paine

I think that Thomas Paine knew when he wrote these words that conflict comes in many forms and one possible form is internal. This is the biggest hurdle I see for individuals "countries" etc. Getting over the past slights. Wiping the slate cleaning and starting fresh. This is not impossible though. Frankly it will be like walking through water for some to do the forgiveness they must to heal their own hearts. But, it would be worth it. I promise.

‎"Changing values are the sign of a maturing society. You are growing into a larger version of yourself. You are changing your values all the time as you gather new information, as you bring in new experiences and discover new ways of looking at things. As you redefine Who You Are." Neale Donald Walsch

‎"You begin on the road to your own glory when you begin on the road to your own truth. This path is taken when you declare that you will tell the truth all the time, about everything, to everyone. And that you will live your truth." Neale Donald Walsch

I see values changing in our society. I understand some of them are scary to those of us, that know misdirected value changes could be catastrophic. As catastrophic as they could be they could also be used to get where we are going. And that my friends, is stateless society. Live your truth, speak your truth. Observe those changing around you. No one is good at being patient. But the revolutionizing, happens one mind at a time. Not in the mass awakening.

‎"You have a gentle wisdom within you. Bring that gentle wisdom to your moments. Watch it change them. Watch it change you." Neale Donald Walsch

I know that each one of us can learn from this last quote. That in many situations, especially when dealing with those that obviously do not speak as directly as many of us do, we can be gentle with our wisdom. This I think is the ultimate lesson. For anyone seeking change. It takes much to get to this point. Can we convince everyone to do the work it will take to get here, or is going to take another 2000 years of evolution before we learn to get over ourselves enough to stop caring what another individual does, as long as they dont harm another. Govt would be over, if people would get over themselves. Charity over welfare. People are much more generous to each other than the govt ever thought about being with individuals.

"Healed countrymen over country"

Righteous Anger

I often hear, in the active community, and outsiders, speak in terms, of liberty and freedom being taken away.

God gave you natural rights, that no man can take from another, dignity, speech, ideas, movement above all else, choice. You were blessed with, choice.

These things cannot be taken, only given away, by your choice of consent.

STOP, think, make a choice.

Your giving away these things, is responsible for the lost potential of all of humanity.

Care about the self actualization of a stranger.! About that of yourselves, your children.

We were not born the same, the creator loved diversity. That much is obvious.

When you consent, without a fight, take responsability. Realize, you alone are responsible for a bit of the beauty, not seeing the sun.

We all have choices to make. Gonna fight now, or at least question? Come on thats not so hard. Especially when we all start doing it. The outcasts should be the ones that are silent, not the ones that speak for the rest of you that refuse to.

I had every intention of staying up all night, until this random inspiration was done and ready for the cleaners.

The disappointment that sinks my heart makes it hard to know where to begin.

How can people have so little faith in each other? How do they not know that giving up what GOD gave them even in the smallest ways, is the gravest of sins.

How do they not accept people as they are, people are just people, man. Stop trying to make us all the same. We are not.

some are screaming, some crying, some yelling, some just keeping it in, letting the sickness of the society they live in reside in their hearts.

They forget the person, that they just knew they would be, when they grew up.

Then having the audacity to accept that their dreams dont matter. Accepting that, well, this is how one lives, eats, dresses etc to fit into society.

People have forgotten they have dignity, that they have individuality. And in forgetting that about themselves, they have certainly forgotten to honor the unique beauty of each other.

Lets set aside our differences, because thats all they are. Lets honor one another and our talents our aspirations. We all just want to be our authentic selves. Even you conservatives do, your just afraid people will call you crazy for it. Ya know what F' em! Be you. And let others be them.

NO MORE EXCUSES! Be free. in mind. body. soul. happily watch other free people. your discomfort with their freedom, is not their problem.

"People like us Mommy, Like us Captains"

The title of this little piece, was a response from my three year old during a conversation about why Mommy is working at the computer, whilst he is suppose to be in bed. :)

I let him climb on my lap and we rocked and talked while listening to some beautiful Asian Serenity.

He said "why do you write things?" (Isnt it strange the most simple questions, bring up the most complex thoughts?) I told him I write to tell people about other peoples stories.

"Why Mommy, why do you tell those people stories?" I said "because, someone needs to tell other people what is going on in the real world."

"Why do YOU have to tell the stories Mommy:" (this one really made me think), I said because "People like us, we, stick up for people that cant help themselves". "People like us want to see people free"

Mikey Doo: "People like us Mommy, Like Us Captains?" This evoked the most heartfelt smile, all the way to my bones, and the best goodnight hug on record. Even though I had already put him to bed 4x before. ;0)

Chicagos System of Injustice

It came to my attention tonight, that a friend of mine was raped Friday night. She had walked to a Walgreens to buy minutes for her phone. It was in Chicago. Less than 10 degrees outside, it was a six block walk. She made it there fine. As she was leaving there was a cabbie stationed in the street on her way home. This cab driver asked my friend if she wanted to use his service. She informed him she was out of money and would just walk. This driver in his mid 20s-30 was decent looking, kind and said he was headed that way anyway, it was cold and offered her a ride. She took him up on his generous offer.

Generosity it appears is not what he had on his mind. He preceded to drive down a dark street and force her to perform sexual acts. Then drove her home.

Having been a victim of rape, I understand the self-blame and shame that goes along with becoming a victim. I understand not calling the police, I understand not wanting to be drilled about what just happened. I understand not daring to speak the word "rape". For to know, that even for a moment, you had no control over your well being, what was being done to your body, or what you were being forced to do to anothers, is bone-chilling and terrifying. To speak it, to be drilled about it, by police is reliving it. All over again.

So, I decided to do something. To call the Chicago PD on behalf of my friend. Needless to say, I didnt get a warm reception, even though I was trying to help them get one of the ACTUAL bad guys off the streets. The info I have is age, race, cab, time of station, time of rape, stature, he shares his cab, there is a cum stain on the seat of the vehicle etc. I have all the information they need to at least question this person. They initially refused to speak with me, cut me off and said "If your not the victim we cant talk to you".

I took an hour and cooled off, then I called back. At first I got a Mrs. Sgt Carter on the phone who told me the same thing as the first woman. She couldnt talk to me. I asked to speak with her manager. She asked me why. I said "I am a tax paying citizen and I have questions to ask" She said "the same questions you asked me" I replied that it did not matter, that I wanted to speak with her manager. She grudgingly passed the phone to a gentleman named Sgt. Keller.

The Following is a transcription of the conversation between Sgt. Keller and myself.

He told me "We can take information, but we cannot file a report" Me "what happens with the information, if its not a report?" Him "It gets passed to the investigative body" This is where I gave him all the details I outlined above.

Then the contradictions begin.

Him "Without the victim their will be no investigation"

Me "As a police officer you know as well as I that a predator such as this, does not stop at one victim, and with the ease in which he did this to my friend she is most certainly not his first victim"

Him " I realize that, still, without the victim coming in to the station no investigation will be started, unless more victims start piling up and coming forward"

Me "I find it very odd that if I were to call and say I suspected that someone was selling pot down the street from me, yet I had no evidence, your department would be there in a heartbeat and it would not have taken an hour to get someone to talk to me."

Him " That is just your perception mam" Then immidiately he says that "Narcotics is different because it is a crime on face value, I know that may not make sense to you, but that is how it is"

I guess I am in the dark here, I thought rape was a crime on face value..........hmmmmm.

Do you see the contradictions here? Do you see what is wrong with this picture? Do you realize that they go after drug dealers and users because it is easy revenue, but let what is probably a serial rapist drive a cab through the streets of Chicago, hunting out his next victim?

I will have a much better write up on this story within a few days. This is all I had the energy for tonight.

To my friend, my prayers, healing energy, thoughts and mind are with you. You are beautiful. This was not your fault. Their is a whole community of people behind you. We love you. In time perhaps I can hold your hand and we can take this to them together. Love love love to you girl. I am here for you. We have your back......

Oh and the number I used to reach him is 312-744-5907, just in case anyone wants it.

When I was 4

When I was 4 years old, I was asked that question. You know, "what do you want to be when you grow up". I answered this question not with a title such as doctor or a teacher. I answered with a plan. (this is a story my mother used to tell often, perhaps she has memory loss) I said (in 4 year old vocab) that I wanted a place, where people can bring their extra food and people without food could come and get it. Even at the tender age of 4 I understood hunger, pain, suffering, and poverty.

I am thankful for the tough times in my upbringing, the times of poverty, eating noodles with oil and a lil bit of spices because payday was days away. Red meat only every other week. I get it. I understand suffering. Perhaps this is why I am so patient, almost to a fault, with people. Because I empathise with their plight, whatever it may be. I am thankful for the embarassment of having mom run me into the store with the paper food stamps to buy milk and bread. It didnt embarass me, but, it must have her or she would have gone in herself.

Even now, with all that is on my plate. I understand, even the other side. The fear. Of losing everything. But, it doesnt mean, I will not get what is mine. I may understand, I may empathize but I will not let up.

Just a lil memory I had sitting here in Panera. I have ALWAYS loved people, wanted to help people, in any way I could. For anyone that is still calling themselves my family to say that I have "changed" is ludicrous. I am older, wiser, and have the ability to affect change, and act on my convictions, unlike when I was 4, wishing, fruitlessly, I could do something to help feed the hungry.

I solemnly swear, I will always stand for those that have suffered injustice, no matter where it may be. I will act, in a peaceful manner to right wrongs, feed the poor, help friends and strangers alike, in need.

Love and light to you all.......