Chicagos System of Injustice

It came to my attention tonight, that a friend of mine was raped Friday night. She had walked to a Walgreens to buy minutes for her phone. It was in Chicago. Less than 10 degrees outside, it was a six block walk. She made it there fine. As she was leaving there was a cabbie stationed in the street on her way home. This cab driver asked my friend if she wanted to use his service. She informed him she was out of money and would just walk. This driver in his mid 20s-30 was decent looking, kind and said he was headed that way anyway, it was cold and offered her a ride. She took him up on his generous offer.

Generosity it appears is not what he had on his mind. He preceded to drive down a dark street and force her to perform sexual acts. Then drove her home.

Having been a victim of rape, I understand the self-blame and shame that goes along with becoming a victim. I understand not calling the police, I understand not wanting to be drilled about what just happened. I understand not daring to speak the word "rape". For to know, that even for a moment, you had no control over your well being, what was being done to your body, or what you were being forced to do to anothers, is bone-chilling and terrifying. To speak it, to be drilled about it, by police is reliving it. All over again.

So, I decided to do something. To call the Chicago PD on behalf of my friend. Needless to say, I didnt get a warm reception, even though I was trying to help them get one of the ACTUAL bad guys off the streets. The info I have is age, race, cab, time of station, time of rape, stature, he shares his cab, there is a cum stain on the seat of the vehicle etc. I have all the information they need to at least question this person. They initially refused to speak with me, cut me off and said "If your not the victim we cant talk to you".

I took an hour and cooled off, then I called back. At first I got a Mrs. Sgt Carter on the phone who told me the same thing as the first woman. She couldnt talk to me. I asked to speak with her manager. She asked me why. I said "I am a tax paying citizen and I have questions to ask" She said "the same questions you asked me" I replied that it did not matter, that I wanted to speak with her manager. She grudgingly passed the phone to a gentleman named Sgt. Keller.

The Following is a transcription of the conversation between Sgt. Keller and myself.

He told me "We can take information, but we cannot file a report" Me "what happens with the information, if its not a report?" Him "It gets passed to the investigative body" This is where I gave him all the details I outlined above.

Then the contradictions begin.

Him "Without the victim their will be no investigation"

Me "As a police officer you know as well as I that a predator such as this, does not stop at one victim, and with the ease in which he did this to my friend she is most certainly not his first victim"

Him " I realize that, still, without the victim coming in to the station no investigation will be started, unless more victims start piling up and coming forward"

Me "I find it very odd that if I were to call and say I suspected that someone was selling pot down the street from me, yet I had no evidence, your department would be there in a heartbeat and it would not have taken an hour to get someone to talk to me."

Him " That is just your perception mam" Then immidiately he says that "Narcotics is different because it is a crime on face value, I know that may not make sense to you, but that is how it is"

I guess I am in the dark here, I thought rape was a crime on face value..........hmmmmm.

Do you see the contradictions here? Do you see what is wrong with this picture? Do you realize that they go after drug dealers and users because it is easy revenue, but let what is probably a serial rapist drive a cab through the streets of Chicago, hunting out his next victim?

I will have a much better write up on this story within a few days. This is all I had the energy for tonight.

To my friend, my prayers, healing energy, thoughts and mind are with you. You are beautiful. This was not your fault. Their is a whole community of people behind you. We love you. In time perhaps I can hold your hand and we can take this to them together. Love love love to you girl. I am here for you. We have your back......

Oh and the number I used to reach him is 312-744-5907, just in case anyone wants it.

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