"People like us Mommy, Like us Captains"

The title of this little piece, was a response from my three year old during a conversation about why Mommy is working at the computer, whilst he is suppose to be in bed. :)

I let him climb on my lap and we rocked and talked while listening to some beautiful Asian Serenity.

He said "why do you write things?" (Isnt it strange the most simple questions, bring up the most complex thoughts?) I told him I write to tell people about other peoples stories.

"Why Mommy, why do you tell those people stories?" I said "because, someone needs to tell other people what is going on in the real world."

"Why do YOU have to tell the stories Mommy:" (this one really made me think), I said because "People like us, we, stick up for people that cant help themselves". "People like us want to see people free"

Mikey Doo: "People like us Mommy, Like Us Captains?" This evoked the most heartfelt smile, all the way to my bones, and the best goodnight hug on record. Even though I had already put him to bed 4x before. ;0)

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