"Grieving the loss of our Amerika" pt. 1

"Grieving The Loss of Our Amerika"
Part 1

This will be a series from my perspective of Americans grieving the loss of Amerika. I chose Anger as part one, due to the chatter I hear everywhere I go and within the "movement" towards rEvolution. We must empathize with those still angry or angry again, we have all been there.

Creedence, in my ear, warnings and solutions. The state of our affairs is not new, nor should have been so unexpected. There have been voices for decades for the cause of freedom, warnings of tyranny; Shall we wake now, and heed these warnings?
Anger is only bad if you let it fester, if you take the energy from such a powerful emotion and use it for positive action, there is NOTHING wrong with said anger. If you are a festerer, you are self-inflicting yourself with poison. ACT. PLEASE; in a peaceful manner to affect change on something close to your heart. (whatever it is that has you up in arms)

In school I read every reading assignment in history, English, chemistry, you name it. I swallowed it all hook line and sinker. I started debates in classes with the teachers most of my peers did not like. (these brave teachers were rogue, they expected more out of you than a passing MAP test score). It was after one such heated discussion I finally won a smile from a teacher that smiled the least. He happened to be a great history teacher.

Let’s change gears for a moment. It was freshman year, for 3 days we got the US and MO constitutions shoved down our throats; in cramming style to take and pass the test for state standards. I remember not one good discussion on this topic of “rights” “freedom” “liberty”…… It was crammed, passed, and mostly forgotten…..We complained the whole way; having no idea, we were being robbed of the most important piece of history. This piece, seems to be a mute point when it comes to “state” run schools. Why would they want more educated masses???? Or students who ask thought provoking questions. It was a robbery of the highest order.

No matter how much I disagreed I still held onto that “American Pride” for quite sometime, no matter our differences I viewed us as one big tribe. I mistakenly thought other people saw us that way too.

I cant point out the exact time I became VERY angry, because I have always run against the current; but at some point I became, angry, enraged and infuriated! All that I had come to believe was a lie! A sham! And for every federal reserve note I passed I had more blood on my hands! For the first time, I was completely disgusted and disenfranchised at how you and I are being seen by the rest of the world; as a collective people. The portrayal is such a farce, a complete polar opposite of how most truly are and what most truly believe in. Those on the hill do not represent who we truly are, and strive to be. We have become the bully, one to be feared; instead of the beacon of hope…….

Then, I started connecting the dots on one subject (Iraq war, then another (history of the Taliban, and another (9/11, dare I say I questioned that too!); still freaking angry, only my blood is boiling at a raging pace now. Then one more thing fell into place(the indoctrination of our children from the moment they are put into school by the states curriculum/agenda). In my mind I was crying out!!! WHERE ARE OUR VOICES????? Then a few more and you begin to laugh at the absurdity of the reality, that has become quite a dark comedy. Entertaining, if it were not real.

Back to reality, there is injustice everyday, everywhere against our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity (here in the good ol’ us of a, countries far and wide, this is a whole new subject), by the establishment. Lets talk strategy now….peaceful civil disobedience, we have that one covered, thought out or not, everyday. We, you, them, are all criminals as far as the infinite law books are concerned. But thought out disobedience, dissent and peaceful revolt is our duty, its actually a law (can you believe that one) when our natural “rights” are treaded on in the slightest, they are no longer “valid”. The only way to get past the anger is to employ your own strategies, to take away your “permission” from the state, its brutality, and its hypocrityc ludicrous, means of getting “its” way. I came to realize that we may have to come together if our end goal is PURE Liberty, and Freedom (only then can there be “peace”), we will have to put aside our otherwise miniscule differences and come together. When it comes to math, we serfs have our kings outnumbered ridiculously well. The numbers are in our favor. Largely.

I think once this realization is made, you’re not as angry as before, you act on your convictions more. Unless the rapture comes real soon the beast will fall upon it’s own fatal sword and the strong enduring, Lovelution, rEvoloution and R3evolution will happen in its totality, end goals are in sight.

We have it within our reach to make amends for our atrocities around the world and at home, present and past, by our actions (“our” words mean nothing to slaughtered families and decades of suffering for our many senseless acts of brutality) and a different approach to each other and the world.
Once the sword hath pierced the heart of the beast. We can be the kind of people that our ancestors would be proud of, that we can be proud of. That gives me hope, that I am not alone, I know I am not the only one.

I still cuss like a sailor about it all at times, but we are many and they are few. Remember that much.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Ghandi

In the end, the anger, it’s a good thing; it means more people are ripping the wool from their own eyes. We may come together as serfs to fight the kings, but blind serfs do no good. Be angry; just do something about it.

How did we get to a place where what we hold closest to our hearts, we keep from the worlds view? When we rob ourselves of dialogue, we give up everything. Never give up. Keep your spirits alive!


  1. Very well said.
    Passionate and inspirational.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you Alex, I have revised it some if you want a re-gander. Part 2 coming soon. Thanks for the support. =)

  3. I see little evidence in my reality that others desire or even understand PURE Liberty and Freedom. It appears to me that the numbers are actually not in our favor, and we are ridiculously outnumbered when considering most serfs will ultimately side with their masters in return for sustenance and/or something to identify with that's greater than their perceptions of themselves. Cynical? maybe, but MY realization is that we're simply not there yet and the oppressors are still a few steps ahead at this time. Angry? not exactly, my energy is positive and directed at finding the cracks in the facade of today's society and hiding there until safer times come, if ever. Coward? maybe


  4. Yay! I'm with ya!

    Interesting to learn of your journey. You made a great point too with your statement: "And for every federal reserve note I passed I had more blood on my hands!" - we do at least indirectly give legitimacy to the State when we continue to utilize its fiat currency. Maybe that's one angle that should be stressed more by the End the Fed/gold bug folks.

  5. I think we all know getting completely off fiat is a process, but one well worth the effort. I am glad you enjoyed this Pete. Hopefully will have something new up tonight. Peace and Love, Brother