These are from my notebook, random trips my mind took over the last week or so.......

I write with a different name than my own.
As not to be judged, but to be felt.
Liberating anonymity.
People take your words to their heart
Knowing it came from a fellow,
spiritual, human being, that they can not put a face to.
Relating to her within our shared state of human chaos.

The Backyard
If it werent for the cars, the nature here would capture me,
Yet it enraptures me still, and holds me close to its intention.
I can hear past the noise, and listen to them chatter away.
Their conversations never grow tiring, yet new in a glorious way.
Chime into their rythm, the peaceful chaos that is their existence.
There is much to be learned there.
Becoming one with the nature surrounding you, entails so much more than it sounds. It means listening, not with your mind, deeper than your heart, become a conduit and let it resonate its harmony through your soul, leaving footprints and music that your inner self understands, and will never forget.
Will you let yourself into the world of natures peaceful chaos?

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